Scottish Communities Climate Action Network’s aim is to enable, facilitate and support the transformational change to a post-carbon future. We are a grassroots network of community groups that are taking action on climate change. As a ‘community of communities’ we provide a shared vision and voice for our members and work to address barriers and challenges so as to enable communities to shape their own low-carbon future and promote local resilience and wellbeing. We seek to:

  • Support and facilitate community groups into climate change action.
  • Address barriers and challenges to action on climate change.
  • Provide a voice to communicate a shared vision to the wider world.
  • Broadcast good practice and innovation.

Communities have a unique and crucial role in creating a sustainable, post-carbon future – creating sustainable, resilient places for us each to live is what this is all about. Government and national NGOs have a clear role to play in supporting communities, but delivering a low carbon Scotland is about communities leading, and being empowered to do so. Our Vision for Scotland in 2024 was an outcome from our 2014 members conference.

Many community groups throughout Scotland have embarked on exciting projects to mobilise local action on creating a more sustainable future. There have been many remarkable and inspiring successes… but it isn’t plain sailing. We exist to provide mutual inspiration and support and to help overcome the barriers and create the supporting infrastructure and policy environment needed to empower communities and unleash their creative energy.

As a grassroots network we provide:

  • An independent voice. We are totally  independent, run by volunteers elected by the membership.
  • A community of communities that trust each other and willingly provide mutual support and share their learning
  • A wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in delivery on the ground, often hard-won, in groundbreaking situations.

We are aware that we need to be open to exploring ways of working that may be different from those that have helped cause the unsustainable world in which we currently live. Our aspirations for how we will seek to work together are outlined here: How we work -aspirations.

Full Membership is open to all constituted community groups across Scotland that are taking action on climate change, including groups funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. Associate membership is open to any individuals or partner organisations that are involved with or support community-led climate action. Our volunteer ‘working groups’ and short-life task groups take forward our work plans with support from a part-time administrator, currently funded by a small grant from Scottish Government

As a community run network, we are active members of the Scottish Community Alliance and, through this, have the opportunity to engage with and learn from over 1200 community organisations across Scotland. We are also actively engaged with newly-developing, community-led networks across the UK and Europe. This has the potential to provide further support, inspiration and learning among our members as well as for gaining valuable insights into how best to create the conditions in which community action on climate change can thrive -and enable the rapid decarbonisation required by Scottish Government targets and the Paris Agreement whilst creating the sort of future we want.

To enable us to take an enterprising approach to creating the post-carbon future, we are structured as a ‘community interest company’. Our Articles of Association are here.


This background gives more information about how Scottish Communities CAN came about.