Project Evaluation – Capturing the Whole Picture of Community Action

lfwcompassIt’s a common question – how to capture the bigger picture of community action, especially in a Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) project where much of the emphasis is on
carbon savings. How can the myriad benefits, which lead to a strengthening of resilience against shocks such as economic downturn and climate change, be assessed? These can include a sense of shared purpose, skills development and personal improvement, supporting the local economy, biodiversity and positive links to other communities – in addition to the required carbon saving.

SCCAN associate member, Climae Futures, has recently undertaken an evaluation for Local Food Works (LFW), an initiative led by Falkland Centre for Stewardship, whose activities include a regular food market, workshops, vegetable & fruit growing and community meals.

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Exploring Community Resilience -Taster Workshop

TESS-logo-with-payoffThe EU funded TESS project invites you to a free taster workshop and discussion on Community Resilience on Monday Aug 1st in Edinburgh (12.30-2.30pm). It will also be an introduction to an online, ‘compass of resilience’ tool that community groups can use to assess their current state of resilience and prioritise future action. Book your place here: Resilience Workshop

This workshop forms part of the process of developing a resource package to support facilitators to run resilience workshops in their own communities. This is motivated by the belief that community resilience will be crucial, not just for communities to be able to return to some normality after a crisis but to be able to respond creatively to future challenges and innovate locally appropriate solutions for a zero carbon future in uncertain times.

This package is one of the outputs from the TESS project that is researching the impact of community based climate action groups across Europe. It is based on and inspired by an approach outlined in the two-year action research project ‘Exploring Community Resilience’ run by Nick Wilding and supported by Carnegie UK.

There will be a buffet lunch provided at 12.30pm with the workshop starting at  1pm until 2.30pm.

Drummond Library is in the Edinburgh University GeoSciences building at High School Yards, behind Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, see map here:

Book here: Resilience Workshop

Training Day in Facilitation Skills and Three Horizons

3HorizonsWednesday 11th May, Perth.

We are excited to be able to offer a training Workshop in facilitation skills and Three Horizons with Tony Hodgson from International Futures Forum on Wednesday, 11th May for a subsidised cost of £100 (including overnight accommodation in Perth for those staying over for the Spring Gathering and AGM). Limited to 12 places only. For more information and register at:

Local People Leading – A Vision for a Stronger Community Sector

sca-badgeScottish Communities Climate Action Network, as a member of the Scottish Community Alliance has joined other members in coming together to produce a shared vision for the future of our sector, and in March launched Local People Leading – A Vision for a Stronger Community Sector. The report highlights the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead and identifies what we believe needs to change if these challenges are to be met. the document highlights the challenges and opportunities faced by the community sector and what needs to change in order to meet these challenges. It is underpinned by four core principles: Subsidiarity; Self-determination; Local by Default; and Equality and Fairness. Over the coming weeks, they will publish a series of short papers highlighting the specific contributions that our sector makes across many different areas of Government policy – and, most importantly, how that impact could be greater.  For further information contact Angus Hardie, Director Email:

Three Year Strategy

We would welcome your comments on the latest draft of our three year strategy for Scottish Communities Climate Action Network. It has been developed by the steering group following input from members at our Unconference last September: SCCAN Draft strategy 2016-19

It is based around four key strategic objectives:

Healthy and Engaged People – work related to the physical and psychological well-being of individuals who are involved with community-led climate action including support for development of strong and healthy personal relationships within groups, opportunities for learning and sharing new skills and deepening a sense of connection to nature.

Creating More Localised Economies within Ecological Limitswork related to practical action to create stronger local economies that positively steward the local environment and resources, enhance biodiversity, cut carbon dependence and create meaningful, locally-based livelihoods that are not dependent on fossil fuels.

Cross-Community Links work related to developing active links and partnerships between our members and across the wider community sector within and outwith Scotland, and with other sectors, including the public sector, government and business.

Building a Creative, Inclusive Culture –work related to enabling and encouraging involvement from all sectors and demographics across society, encouraging diversity and working for social justice, inclusion and equity as well as support for social and technical innovation, exploring novel ideas and ways of working.

We would welcome feedback and comments on the draft. Please take the time to complete this short survey