Join us at our annual national gathering and networking event!

November 3rd and 4th in Glasgow – join us for both or either day.

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Day 1: Politics as Though People and Planet Matter: Harnessing democracy for our communities’ future

Could a world where communities can pass their own laws be coming closer? And what does that mean for Climate Active Communities? We know that most people tend to support social and environmental policies in principle, but not always the parties which push for them. We know that many people are put off getting more involved with politics because it seems unable to deal with bullying and corruption.

  • time: 10am-4.30pm
  • date: November 3rd
  • venue: Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow G41 1BA
  • cost: cost per day: £5: individuals, £15: organisations

Through talks and workshops we’ll look at where local democracy is in Scotland right now. We’ll hear more about exciting new opportunities for climate active communities to get more involved. We’ll hear about citizen’s juries for windfarms and ancient commons regimes being brought bang up to date. We’ll hear about alternative decision making models such as sociocracy. And we’ll consider the Scottish Government’s current Democracy Matters consultation –  to ask ‘can we do democracy differently to unleash community action and systems change?’

Day 2: Decision making and governance: building a healthy relationship to power

A training day with Claire Milne, Transition Network and Eva Schonveld, SCCAN

  • time: 10am-4.30pm
  • date: November 4th
  • venue: Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow G41 1BA
  • cost: cost per day: £5: individuals, £15: organisation

Healthy, fair decision-making requires a willingness to share power – and sharing power requires an awareness of our own relationship with power. In this workshop we’ll look at the cultural elements needed to support us all to come into healthier relationship with power and build a healthy culture around governance and decision making. We will explore how these cultural elements can be used in our local groups and projects and in our collaborations with local government, so as to make the decisions we need to protect the needs of people and the environment.

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Portobello Peoples’ Council Bans Fracking

Falkirk Community Council to Fine Ineos for Pollution
Linlithgow’s Community Housing Trust Builds First Eco Homes
Fort William Outlaws Single Use Plastics
Partick Trials Clean Air Zone
Boom Towns: Five New Scottish Towns to join Local Currency Exchange Scheme
Greenock’s Local Health Initiative Pilots 3-day Weekend
Aberdeen Phases in Local/Organic Food Policy Across City

These headlines are (clearly) made up – but could a world where communities can pass their own laws be coming closer? And what does that mean for Climate Active Communities? Come along to the Scottish Communities CAN gathering: ‘Politics as Though People and Planet Matter’ to find out more about what’s possible for community decision making, how to do it well and how it might help us achieve the sustainable, community led Scotland we want.

Upping Our Game -Training Events

Scottish Communities CAN and the Ethnic Minority Environmental Network have joined forces to create a series of events to help community groups become more effective, sustainable and influential.You’re welcome to come to one, two or all three events.

Session 1: Building a Healthy Culture in Your Organisation

  • time: 1-4pm
  • date: Wednesday 29th August
  • venue: Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow G41 1BA
  • cost: £5: individuals, £15: organisations

While we’re getting on with the work that our community projects care so much about, we often give less attention to how we look after ourselves and one another. Burnout and personal differences are common and can slow or stop the progress of otherwise brilliant projects.

More details and book your place here:

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European Day of Sustainable Communities

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network is a member of ECOLISE – European Network for Community-led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability. The European Day of Sustainable Communities #EDaySC2018 on 22 September is a celebration of the efforts and achievements of the thousands of local communities across Europe who are taking action for a better, more sustainable world.

The diversity and impact of such community-led initiatives is impressive: from renewable energy cooperatives to community farms and gardens, ecological housing developments, permaculture projects, car-sharing and waste reduction schemes, and much more, these initiatives demonstrate the myriad of different ways that local people can make a positive contribution, with some communities reducing their ecological impact by more than half.

#EDaySC2018 is also about raising awareness among policy makers, at European Union (EU), national, regional and local municipal level, of the scope and potential of community-led action on climate change and sustainability.

Communities are registering events for #EDaySC2018 on the new website:

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Sharing Your Stories – Learn How to Podcast

‘Future voices’ is our new participatory podcast project to give voice to community-led climate action.  Specifically, it is about giving you the skills and confidence to start using audio as a means of telling the stories of what you and your community are doing to face up to climate change.

Training Days:
Edinburgh, Tuesday, 21st August, 10am – 4pm
Glasgow, Thursday, 23rd August, 10am-4pm
Follow-Up Session:
Edinburgh, Thursday, 30th August, times to be confirmed.

Want to be part of this? Please get in touch to explain why – in no more than 250 words – by emailing:
This opportunity is open to community organisations that are members of SCCAN. Deadline for applications is 5pm, Friday 20th July.

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