Guest blog: Predictions on the Future of Energy

Below is a guest blog from Innovate UK – the operating name of the Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency. It is a UK non-departmental public body operating at arm’s length from the UK Government reporting to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Our Predictions on the Future of Energy
Energy production is becoming an ever more pressing issue as we advance further into the twenty first century.

With a developing focus on greener energy and emerging smart energy innovations, significant change is set to take place in the next several decades. The ways in which we consume, produce and distribute energy are transforming and will significantly impact our usage and understanding.
To help make sense of what’s to come, we’ve pinpointed our predictions on the future of energy.

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Enterprise Accelerator


Many community groups are looking to diversify their income streams and build a more sustainable group by setting up and running a social enterprise. The Enterprise Accelerator is a partnership between Scottish Community Alliance and Community Enterprise and is intended as a programme of business support for community based organisations who have little or no trading experience but wish to expand this aspect of their operation.

To be eligible to apply you need to:
Be a member of a SCA network (such as SCCAN);
Be a constituted third sector organisation;
Hold a bank account;
Have been operational for at least a year.

Interested? Contact us on for an initial enquiry form.

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