From a pyramidal hierarchy to – Circles!

At SCCAN, we are working towards using shared governance in our organisation. This means that we all work as equals in a structured way that enables us to be as effective as possible. Shared governance takes many forms in how we work together and appears in the structure of the organisation as shown in the diagram below.

We have organised the work we do into ‘circles’ or working groups, which take care of specific activities of SCCAN’s mission. The circles have mandates which allow them to take some of their decisions (in defined areas) autonomously, without needing to check with the general circle first. As you’ll see, all of the circles are connected by the general circle, whose role is to provide a communication forum for the working circles and to take any decisions not mandated to the circles themselves. In the key you’ll see that each group has 1) a delegate and a lead link – these roles ensure that the needs of the circle, and the needs of the wider organisation are always being kept in mind: the delegate represents their working circle on the general circle and the lead link represents the general circle on the working circle (they both have voting rights in both circles) and 2) a facilitator and a note taker – these roles make sure that circle meetings flow efficiently and are well recorded – groups may decide to elect these roles for a certain term or to rotate them each meeting. Find out more about the basics of Sociocracy here.

To become part of a Circle please get in touch with our ‘network weaver’, Jean-Matthieu.