After Paris #ClimateAgreement, political leaders must turn #AmbitionIntoAction.

Stop Climate Chaos has written to invite us all to get involved in email action:

Dear coalition,

I am pleased to tell you that our new email action is now live. It will run from now right through until the Scottish Parliamentary elections on 5th May 2016.

​After the Paris climate agreement, many people will be wondering ‘what next?’. It’s obvious that, across the world, climate ambition needs to be turned into climate action. So this is what we are asking Scotland’s political parties to do in the run up to May’s election.

Please do encourage as many of your supporters and members as possible to take this action. It is very important that parties see a considerable number of people writing to them about this issue – it will put more pressure on them to commit to more ambitious climate policies​ in their manifestos and in the run-up to the election.

Could you email your supporters asking them to take the action? Or include an article in your newsletter or magazine? Would you like to embed the action on your own website (get in touch with me if that is of interest)?

I have also included some suggested posts and tweets for social media below and have attached a couple of images that could be used alongside that.

As ever, if you have any questions about this, feel free to get in touch.

Best wishes,


Were you at #ScotClimateMarch in Nov? Here’s what’s next: write to party leaders #AmbitionIntoAction

Ask Scotland’s party leaders to turn climate #AmbitionIntoAction:

Email party leaders today ahead of Scottish elections: call for them to turn climate #AmbitionIntoAction:

After Paris #ClimateAgreement, political leaders must turn #AmbitionIntoAction. Take action today:

Gail Wilson, Campaigns Manager Stop Climate Chaos Scotland


Phone: 0131 243 2701