Anyone keen to partner with Himalayan Centre for the Community Learning Exchange?

hclogo350Harriet from Himalayan Centre writes:

Dear SCCAN members

The Himalayan Centre for Arts & Culture’s Climate Change Hub Project is keen to undertake the Community Learning Exchange so that we can meet another group exploring ways to tackle climate change, and encounter different perspectives. It would also be a brilliant opportunity for our volunteers who help deliver the project, as their development and experience is a fundamental aspect of the Climate Change Hub.


What We do:
It’s not necessary your project is similar to ours, but here’a a bit of info on what we do:
We work with groups to explore creative and meaningful ways to tackle climate change using a Common Cause approach:
– Supporting householders through friendly Home Energy Visits with a team of trained, approachable volunteer advisers.
– Holding facilitated chats about climate change and how our sense of place may be affected by changing weather patterns.
– Creative workshops to inspire change in people’s lifestyles. These have included pinhole camera workshops, using natural products to dye materials, cooking demonstrations using food normally wasted, and being taught how to use tools and techniques to transform different grades of plastics into beautiful items.
– Developing a growing space on Leith Community Croft, with the community group Leith Community Crops in Pots.

Details of the visit:
– We are looking for a project a bit further afield than our normal project visits. As the events we attend normally put us in contact with our neighbours (which is great), we would like the chance to meet others in a different part of Scotland – and actually see what you do.
– I imagine about 4 of us would be coming
– You will receive a host’s fee of £300 a day
– We would ideally come to your project for two days, sometime during March 2016 (in the week)
3 main outcomes we would like to gain:
– We would like to be able to come back with an understanding of how another community project operates to achieve similar goals, and then to see whether we can apply what we have learnt.
– We would like the volunteers we take, to gain fresh insight into other skill sets and knowledge bases they could learn from and pursue.
– We would like to establish a connection with another group in a different part of Scotland, we could then share experiences and information with in the future.
Please feel free to give me a call if you are interested, and check out our project video:
Our Facebook page is Himalayan Centre for Arts & Culture
Twitter @HimalayanCentre

Best wishes


Harriet Cross
Project Coordinator
Himalayan Centre for Arts & Culture
M: 07949740030