Are you young and want to develop a green social enterprise? Join Youth Social Innovation for Resilient Communities

photo_2017-12-07_11-30-42Youth SIRCle, or Youth Social Innovation for Resilient Communities, is an EU-funded training and capacity building project for young social entrepreneurs in Scotland, Cameroon, Denmark and Ghana. It is a project largely run by young people for young people. Together they increase skills in green social innovation and entrepreneurship, finding creative ways to follow our passion, make a living and care for our communities and planet at the same time.

Join, and take your own green social enterprise to new levels and arenas!

How? By applying to be one of 12 selected young entrepreneurs from around the UK getting a unique chance to grow their green social businesses and explore innovation, sustainability and community-building through an international youth exchange and training.

If successful, you could be chosen to represent the UK in the Youth SIRCle Innovation Labs in either Cameroon or Denmark during spring 2018. There, you’ll work together with other young entrepreneurs from across Europe and Africa and take your social enterprise, and yourself, to the next level.

Read more about the opportunity here. The curriculum is based on work done in a previous project, which you can read about here: