‘Being Inclusive Leading Positive Change’ Workshop report

On Tuesday 24 November 2020, 21 SCCAN members joined ‘Being Inclusive Leading Positive Change’, a SCCAN #Tuesdays4Future Skillshare Workshop.

Climate change is a serious, pressing issue that we need to address. Many of us are leading groups and organisations that are making a difference, but how do we become more inclusive? 

Business Under Development – BUD has developed a ROC Inclusive Leadership model to support leaders for positive change. 

Are you experiencing some or all of these challenges in your leadership?

-Building a diverse, inclusive and representative team?

-Always having the same type of people turn up from your outreach?

-Difficulty leading productivity and collaboration?

-Juggling everything and not burning out? 

During this workshop 21 participants:

-Learnt how to ensure all voices are heard and included 

-Committed to taking ownership of your needs as a leader and release control

-Discovered ways to develop and empower team members for greater productivity -Defined what really needs to change within your team / organisation

Read the full Report here.