Changing the Story: a Stronger Stories Participatory Workshop

9.30 for 10am-5pm, Tues 3 March, St Leonard’s Land, Moray House School of Education, Holyrood Road (opposite end of St John’s Street), Edinburgh EH8 8AQ.

Stronger Stories will share storytelling skills needed for systems change and for democratising storytelling power: 

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Suggested fees: Organisations £15, Employed people £10, Concessions £5

– Explore the relationship between story, narrative and myth
– Understand the patterns behind the world’s most successful stories
– Learn to use a ‘Story Canvas’ to create strong stories about change
– Study examples from businesses & campaigns driving systems change  
– Discover insights how story telling helps movements keep on moving  
– Tell strong stories about your organisation’s Vision, Mission & Activities. 

  • We are creatures of narrative and have evolved with stories.
  • Stories are key to how we make sense of a complex world. 
  • But the dominant stories of our time aren’t working.
  • They’ve led us into a climate and ecological emergency.
  • The only thing that can replace a story is another story.
  • How can we tell better stories? 

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