Climate Action Pioneers, interim report

This report is a summary of the key findings, common ideas and themes that emerged from the first phase of our Climate Action Pioneers project. The project grew from our perceived need to build trusting relationships across sectors and mutual understanding of priorities and aspirations, so that we all see our climate action work in context – as part of a larger, more diverse and more powerful whole. By doing so, we hoped to be in a much better position to collectively identify key leverage points for action that can ‘change the story’ to allow for the radical and rapid systems change we believe is essential. 

We were surprised and pleased to find how much common ground emerged across our 28 interviewees from the public and private sectors and from civil society -with a wide range of backgrounds and interests including in planning, democracy, economics, food and farming, forestry, education, health, ecology, resource use, housing and construction, energy, water and more. We experienced a real openness to wide ranging discussion of the root causes of climate change, its continuing drivers and the interventions that could make the most difference, both within the sectors of those we were talking to and across society.

We believe that this relational approach, with its emphasis on shared values, deepening connection and creative thinking is a unique and much needed piece of the puzzle of how we respond effectively to the climate crisis because it is as people, with networks of relationships and connection to the places that we live in, that we will find the resources to drive and sustain effective climate action. Read more about our findings here.