Climate Action Pioneers -weaving a new story

Facing up to the Climate Emergency is a complex problem that requires urgent action across all sectors. But it is in their particular ‘Community of Place’, where our members work, that most people can relate to the reality of moving to a net-zero future. And it is in these ‘Communities of Place’ that all sectors, and their actions and policies, come together and where we can build individual and collective resilience for whatever unpredictable challenges lie ahead.  Seeking strategic collaboration with other sectors has therefore always been part of SCCAN’s intention. 

Community-led action taps into local capacity and knowledge and has the potential to rapidly innovate, prototype and refine solutions to meet local needs in ways appropriate for their particular situation in a net-zero future. Many of these community-led projects are providing glimpses of how this future could look -and the positive opportunities it could bring. But realising the potential of this community-led action requires supportive and enabling actions and policies from other sectors.  

We are delighted to be starting a new project: ‘Climate Action Pioneers -weaving a new story’. This project is all about searching out individuals within a wide range of contexts across Scotland who have a strong personal commitment to action and who have big ideas about how their sector can be as effective as possible in Scotland’s rapid transformation to net-zero. The project will be mapping the range and scope of climate action in Scotland across a wide range of sectors, including local communities, local and national government, academia, business, psychology, religion and more. We will be identifying key contacts and having conversations to identify to what extent a shared vision exists between them and what is needed to increase their impact and speed up the transition.

The intention is to then convene group conversations -bringing people together in a safe space to facilitate the exchange of ideas and create the potential for new thinking and a shared purpose to emerge. The hope is to develop clear ideas for speeding up widespread transformation and to agree a protocol for ongoing collaboration. We will post regular updates as the work progresses.

We are very grateful to the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation and the Scottish Community Alliance for funding support for this project.