Climate Collage workshop, 16th June, 2-5pm

ONLY 6 spaces available.

OPPORTUNITY to participate in a The Climate Collage workshop on Wednesday 16th June, 2-5pm.

“The Climate Collage” NGO is coming to the #COP26 in November and is offering an opportunity for the SCCAN community to discover and participate in a Climate Collage workshop. Please email if interested. We believe this educational tool can be a great resource for us in our educational activities, and also a great way to generate interest about the COP26 among the population. The Climate Collage is a fun, participatory and creative workshop on climate change. Based on the IPCC report, it explains the functioning of climate and the consequences of its disruption.

A first workshop for the SCCAN community will happen online on Wednesday 16th June, 2-5pm. Please email if interested in taking part