Climate Emergency: Co-creating Local Action Plans 2.00-4.00pm Tues 30 March

Climate Action Lessons from Cornwall – learning from successes & failures: Peter Lefort masterclass 2-4pm 30 March Tuesdays for Future

About this Event

Two thirds of UK Councils have “Declared a Climate Emergency”. Learn how Cornwall engages with civil society to map out a journey to carbon neutrality.

Peter Lefort, Carbon Neutral Cornwall Sector and Partnerships Lead, will explore how to respond to the challenges in an Action Plan that includes all – enshrining deep and collaborative action:

Doughnut Economics as a unifying, practical collaboration toolNew patterns for local authorities and communities working togetherWhat gets most traction for change in public bodies, andApproaches which can cause doors to close immediately!

Join Peter at 2.00pm – 4.00pm Tuesday 30 March! Book: 


Explore the contradictory elements in for an effective Action PlanAn honest case study of Cornwall’s second Carbon Neutral Action PlanRecognise when a plan cannot meet desired outcomes and outputsTools for constructive ways for co-creating an effective action planRespond appropriately in facing traditional power modelsImprove your action plans, from inside and outside a local authority.

This workshop will equip both lead Council officers AND Community activists with collaborative tools for creating effective action plans with real impact. All welcome.

Peter has been Sector and Partnerships Lead since 2019 for Cornwall Council’s Carbon Neutral 2030 programme. He’s a facilitator and network manager, specialising in resilience of individuals, organisations, and systems & co-chair of global Transition Network.

A SCCAN Tuesdays for Climate event with Sustainable Scotland Network, Scottish Community Alliance and Climate Fringe.

		Climate Emergency: Co-creating Local Action Plans 2.00-4.00pm Tues 30 March image