Climate Emergency Skillshare and Training

Facing a Climate Emergency, we have potential to make changes ourselves!

9.30-17.00 Saturday 2 March, Edinburgh
Details and booking here:
SCCAN invite you to a Skillshare for community-led initiatives: co-creating new strategies for a deeper, quicker transition to a Low Carbon, Resilient, Biodiverse Scotland.

10.00 –17.00 Sunday 3 March, Edinburgh
Details and booking here
Transition Scotland offer a fuller Transition Network Training session where Tina Clarke will unpack a great bag of tools gathered over ten years for thriving Carbon Neutral Communities.  Discount if attending both days.

Saturday’s gathering is an opportunity to Tell Our Stories … of innovation by skillful citizen groups using new strategies based on best practices globally! Using Open Space, we’ll identify effective models for rapid change-making that people want to hear more about. These will form the topics for small-group think-and-do workshops after lunch.
This event is for all those eager to take action – from seasoned campaigners and activists to those newly engaged in Extinction Rebellion and Earth Strike. Share skills and make new contacts and lasting friendships.
Tina Clarke, Transition Trainer, will wrap up by sharing her experience of supporting grassroots initiatives in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Sunday’s participatory workshop is for those newly determined to “do something” and older hands seeking new ways to create the world we all long for. Tina will take us through eight keys to successful local Climate Actions:
1. Positive Visioning:  Our primary focus is not campaigning against things, but rather on positive, empowering possibilities and opportunities
2. Help People Access Good Information and Trust Them to Make Good Decisions:  Transition Initiatives … present information in ways which … enable people to feel enthused and empowered rather than powerless
3. Inclusion and Openness:  Decision making processes and working groups embody open + Inclusive principles: no room for ‘them vs us’ thinking
4. Enable Sharing and Networking:  Instead of telling people what to do, seeing what emerges from friendly connections with people living nearby
5. Build Resilience:  across many topics – food, economics, energy etc – this is a broad goal that includes many kinds of projects and activities within it
6. Inner and Outer Transition:  Enabling and supporting people to do what they’re passionate about and feel called to do