Communities Call for More Climate Action

SCCAN is part of a group of organisations working across Scotland to raise awareness and drive action towards solving the the climate emergency.

Together, we have elaborated a Climate Statement and we pledge to step up our collective efforts to combat the climate emergency. We publicly presented the Pledge during our joint Conference on Climate Action in Edinburgh on 29th November 2019.

The Climate Statement also calls on the Scottish Government to address the following key issues: 

  • Support for Community-based Climate Action: Establish a long term strategy setting out how government will involve and empower communities to plan and take climate action.
  • Renewal of Local Democracy: Rebuild local democracy from the bottom up by ensuring that local decision-making and sufficient resources are shifted irrevocably towards local people and away from the existing institutions of power.
  • Prosperity without Growth: Place climate resilience, climate justice and the well-being agenda front and centre of Scotland’s economic policy by embracing a new economic paradigm of prosperity without growth.