Community Action Collaborations: Dunbar “What If” Network 2-4pm Tues 15 Dec

Sustaining Dunbar shares experience of the local ‘What If Network’ -bringing local groups together to think big. SCCAN Tuesdays4Climate

About this Event

Dunbar & District ‘What If Network’ share their story 2pm Tues 15 Dec.

A learning exchange opportunity for SCCAN member groups and others. In the context of the local impact of Covid-19 and the need to take care of people’s immediate needs and priorities, the ‘What If Network’ is bringing community groups, local people and key stakeholders together to think big, work out what’s most needed for the future, and make it happen.

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The Challenge for Change Makers:

“Let’s imagine a future full of possibility – a future where no one is left out – where Dunbar, East Linton and the local villages are home to thriving people, where nature thrives on the land and in the sea. Imagine a future where we have this, while also respecting the wellbeing of all people, and the health of the whole planet!”

We’ll share our learning from how our community’s approach to responding creatively to the local impact of the Coronavirus crisis has helped Sustaining Dunbar strengthen ties with other community groups and link social justice and environmental agendas in a structure that is enabling our community to come together to plan a better future.

  • How the ‘What If Network’ came about
  • The values and thinking behind our approach
  • Where we are on our journey to an inclusive local partnership
  • Where we see the process taking us next.

We will use the example of how the Dunbar and District ‘Local Good Food Alliance’ has emerged to highlight how this project is helping to create common ground and shared purpose between groups focussed on tackling day to day problems of the vulnerable and disadvantaged AND those driven by a vision for transformative, systemic change in the face of the Climate and Nature emergencies.

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Thanks to Scottish Community Alliance Community Learning Exchange.