Community Climate Action Hubs

Scottish Government has announced the start of a procurement process, initially issuing a ‘Request for Information’ notice to stakeholders with an interest in community climate action. This seeks feedback and comments by 17 July on setting up a network of hubs to support community climate action.

SCCAN is encouraging all our members to respond and feedback their ideas on how community-led climate action can best be supported in future. Please read more about the background to this here.

The intention is that these hubs will:

  • empower communities to develop local solutions to making the transition to net zero and climate resilient living; 
  • encourage community groups to collaborate at regional level and to work in partnership with other key local stakeholders;
  • allow an approach to be developed within each region that reflects local circumstances and priorities; 
  • have national coverage and seek broad community engagement;
  • facilitate shared learning between different hubs/areas and the provision of technical advice – for example, on community energy or re-use initiatives