Community Engagement support project

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network is running a project to benefit community climate action projects through expert advice and support on climate action community engagement. This is a demonstration project funded by Scottish Government, the learning from which will be evaluated and shared with other communities.

Each group will receive 3 days of support from a coach or mentor, which they can choose to be intensive or spread out over time. Support is being provided during February-August 2015. Community group participants have been chosen according to their potential to benefit from taking part; geographic coverage; and the focus of planned community engagement (e.g. energy efficiency, waste reduction, food and growing).

The groups are (in no particular order):
Broadford & Strath Community Company
Tagsa Uibhist & Cothrom
SAUWS Environment
Huntly & District Development Trust
Al-Mahdi Foundation

We’ve matched them with coaches drawn from a pool which includes other community projects with practical experience (peer to peer), and consultants. We’ll let you know how they get on!

There are more groups who we hope to offer support, but who are awaiting confirmation that their project will go ahead in 2015-16.

We’d like to hear from other groups who haven’t applied for support through this project so we can understand why that is, and what support would be useful to them: please email with your feedback and ideas.