Community-led Climate Action, What works?

Edinburgh Joint Networking Event Friday 20th June, 9.30am -12.30/4pm at Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. You are invited to share your success factors, what has worked well, and what more is needed to support enduring initiatives which don’t fade when the grants stop.  Come for the Workshop only or stay on for the afternoon.BOOK NOW via Hear the initial findings of a survey undertaken as part of an EU-funded research programme entitled “Towards European Societal Sustainability” (TESS) to identify what is currently happening in Scotland. Philip Revell, a lead researcher on the Scottish element of the 3-year project will outline results of an initial enquiry sent to Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) and Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) members (and others).

All CCF projects supporting climate change action are invited – especially those in University and College settings. This will provide an opportunity for all to share experiences and plan for legacy impact. It will be an opportunity to actively feed ideas into the next stage of the TESS research project.


9.30 Registration and Coffee with Requests and Offers wall / display of project materials
10.00 Welcome by workshop Chair Dr Liz Dinnie, Principal Investigator, James Hutton Institute,
/ Get to know each other / Issue Identification / Who is who?

10.20 What have Grass-Roots bodies achieved so far in Scotland?
Research Findings: Dr Philip Revell, Climate Futures Researcher / Project Coordinator,
Sustaining Dunbar and chair of SCCAN – followed by discussion / Q&A

11.00 Discussion in groups – working to address the issues arising from opening session

12.00 Feedback: What has worked well so far / sharing tips
What sort of support is needed in future?
Compiling views for Scottish Government and other stakeholders.

12.30 Lunch and close main Findings Workshop

13.00-14.30 There will be an opportunity to discuss your project with Julian Holbrook from Keeping Scotland Beautiful AND for local projects to network – the room is booked all day.

Strengthening the connections between communities and climate action during 2014-16.
13.00 Introduction to the KSB Climate Change Pledge for Communities
13.05 Roll out of regional peer networks for communities in Scotland tackling climate change
13.15 How we can scale up and out community based action on climate change to create a bigger and more connected impact towards low carbon society. Discussion and feedback.
This session will look at various mechanisms (The KSB pledge, peer networks, the Scottish Climate Change Declaration, community action plans, community placemaking and mapping, visioning, involving the ‘next generation’ etc). The session will build on the morning’s discussion on what support is needed.
This will help KSB / CCF Community Action Support Programme (CASP) deliver appropriate support for communities during 2014-16 with Scottish Communities CAN and others partners. It will help communities recognise opportunities to develop their individual and collective role and contribution.
At 14.30 three short films will be shown which illustrate aspects of different community approaches.
At 16.00 Transition Edinburgh will hold its Annual Meeting, hear reports from the local groups in the network and identify specific activities planned for the coming year.
Followed by end of the week convivial drinks for all remaining with informal bring and share food.

Close of the whole day at around 17.00. Thanks to support from KSB CASP and the ECCI there is no charge for the event.

Please note that there is disabled and Electric Vehicle parking only so come by public transport. Location / transport details at

For more information contact: David Somervell, EAUC-Scotland convener 07743 759 528

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