Connecting Green Groups in the South of Scotland 7pm Tues 19 Jan

Join the first of two events to forge lasting connections for a greener future in the South of Scotland! 7-9pm Tues 19 Jan & Wed 20 Jan

Are you working on green issues in South of Scotland? Meet other like minded groups 7-9pm Tues 19 Jan.

A Greener Melrose and Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) invite you to meet up so we can better support each other.

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– Learn from 3 key speakers on the topics of local food, waste and transport (Part 1)

– Reflect on the present and envision the possibilities for the future using the ‘What Is?’ tool (by Transition Network/Scotland) (Part 2)

– Connect with other community-led climate action groups in the South of ScotlandPART 1: 7pm-9pm Tuesday 19th January

During the first evening we will be hearing from 3 community activists:- Community Gardens

– Karen Birch is the co-founder of Abundant Borders, which is building a network for local food production. She is an entrepreneur and trained in permaculture. She is actively involved with many groups seeking to promote equality and diversity.

– Waste Recycling – Susan Guy and Simon Glover are both connected with Miixer CIC which is an innovative enterprise diverting reusable items away from landfill for community benefit, throughout East Lothian.

– Local Rural Transport – Brendan Hill has become exasperated with the glacial pace of change in transport, the greatest current source of emissions. There are particular rural challenges, but there are solutions- more efficient vehicles, more active travel, more sharing and slicker organisation. After each 10 minute talk there will be time for questions and then you will join one of 3 breakout rooms on these topics to share your experiences and talk about solutions relevant to your area. Following the breakout rooms we will come back together to share final thoughts.

NB. Please also book for Part 2: 7pm-9pm Wednesday 20 January