Connecting Green Groups in the South of Scotland [Part 2] 7pm Wed 20 Jan

Forging lasting connections for a greener future in the South of Scotland – the second of two events! 7-9pm Wed 20th Jan

Are you working on green issues in the South of Scotland? Meet like minded groups 7-9pm Wed 20 Jan.
Greener Melrose and Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) invite you to network so we can better support each other.

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  • Learn from 3 key speakers on the topics of local food, waste and transport (Part 1)
  • Reflect on the present and envision possibilities for the future using the ‘What Is?’ tool (by Transition Network/Scotland) (Pt 2)
  • Connect with community-led climate action groups in the South of Scotland.

PART 2: 7pm-9pm Wednesday 20th January

Using the Transition Network ‘What If?’ tool, and working in small groups, we will be thinking about the future of our communities:

  • Resilience – what 2020 taught us about what’s good about our communities?
  • Relinquishment – what should we let go of?
  • Restoration – how can we build back better at local level?

Meet people from other green groups in the South of Scotland, see what you have in common and forge connections for the future.

For more information on the ‘What If?’ tool, see the following link: