Do you have a collaborative project idea?

Do you have an idea for a project which could benefit from collaboration with a corporate or public sector partner to really make it work?

SCCAN is working to facilitate the setting up of a small number of collaborative projects between SCCAN member organisations and companies/public sector bodies that are members of the 2020 Climate Group.

The intention is that the learning from these pilot collaborations will inform procedures and protocols to enable more widespread partnership working in future.

If your community group would like to put forward a proposal to run one of these pilot projects, please complete the form below, being as succinct at possible whilst clearly explaining why it is needed.

If your project is selected to be one of the half-dozen or so pilots that we put forward, then SCCAN will be in touch to organise a conversation between your organisation and potential partners from the 2020Group.

Click here: Proposal Form

Please don’t delay, we are initially seeking project proposals to put forward during December 2012.