Draft Response to ‘Net Zero Nation Public Engagement Strategy’

The Scottish Government is consulting on its Net Zero Nation: draft public engagement strategy. Read our draft response, including a summary of key points HERE:

It is no exaggeration to say that the next ten years are going to be crucial for the future of humanity. Given the scale and urgency of the challenge, this strategy is hugely important and must become central to everything that the Government does. It needs to go beyond being a ‘public engagement’ strategy to become a strategy for enabling participation by everyone, everywhere across Scotland -empowering us all to use our collective intelligence and local knowledge to play an active role in creating the rapid transformation necessary. We would like to encourage all SCCAN members to please submit a response. We need to ensure that the fine words in the draft strategy are followed up with real action.

Note that the deadline for responding has now been extended to 31st March, but please don’t delay.