Enterprise Accelerator


Many community groups are looking to diversify their income streams and build a more sustainable group by setting up and running a social enterprise. The Enterprise Accelerator is a partnership between Scottish Community Alliance and Community Enterprise and is intended as a programme of business support for community based organisations who have little or no trading experience but wish to expand this aspect of their operation.

To be eligible to apply you need to:
Be a member of a SCA network (such as SCCAN);
Be a constituted third sector organisation;
Hold a bank account;
Have been operational for at least a year.

Interested? Contact us on info@scottishcommunitiescan.org.uk for an initial enquiry form.

More information

Enterprise Accelerator has received Scottish Government funding for 2018 -19, principally as part of the Scottish Government’s Social Enterprise Action Plan. It is still being developed and is currently in a pilot phase, so may end up changing in the future.

The programme will operate on two levels.

Level 1 support, will be delivered by Community Enterprise and will be triggered on receipt of a completed initial enquiry from an organisation. To qualify, the organisation’s application must be endorsed by a member network of SCA. The scope and length of Level 1 support will vary depending on the nature of the enquiry but typically it will consist of a financial/organisational health check, an appraisal of the business options and will result in an action plan agreed between the organisation and the business advisor from Community Enterprise.

Level 2 support will be whatever is agreed in the action plan up to a maximum of 8 days (this will include the number of days committed during Level 1). This may well adjust as we learn from early experience of how much time needs to be committed to Level 1 support. Level 2 support is likely to be bespoke support tailored to the requirements identified through the health check and appraisal of business options. The question of who should deliver this support will be agreed and signed off by the client organisation in the action plan.