Event: 6th International Conference on Carbon Accounting: Cities & Communities

6th International Conference on Carbon Accounting: Cities & Communities

5th September 2014, Edinburgh City Chambers

Carbon accounting has rapidly become a highly professionalised and rigorous field, but at the same time the range of organisations engaged in mandatory and voluntary reporting has expanded to include everyone from multinational corporations to community groups.

Similarly, carbon footprints are now produced for everything from raw materials to cities and regions. This diversity of demands and capacities presents many challenges, and with a growing number of cities and communities taking on ownership and management of energy generation and distribution there is an urgent need to establish robust accounting methods that meet the needs of all stakeholders in these complex projects. This year the 6th ICARB Conference will bring together many of the people involved in carbon audits for buildings, micro-grids, communities, towns and cities – from experts to accounting novices. The conference will examine the approaches and methods being applied, where improvements can be made, and how to overcome barriers to more correct and relevant accounting.

Key speakers from across Europe, Scotland and the UK will speak and lead workshops to explore the latest challenges and solutions for the carbon accounting community.