EVENT: Peoples Climate Assembly, Edinburgh 23 May

During this day-long event you will have the opportunity to explore how climate change affects you and your organisation. We will have mass interpersonal warmups, workshops designed to stimulate interaction between your skills and experiences, workshops focussing on communication, mobilisation, lobbying and more. The day will be facilitated and supported by the coordinators of Edinburgh People’s Climate Group.


In the weeks leading up to the event, we will be publishing selections of links to videos and documents to provide a wide base of factual information. We hope to use our time together to its best advantage. Before the main events of the day begin, Jess Pepper, Climate Leader from the Climate Reality Project, will give 50 minute presentation on climate change and how it impacts the planet and civilisation.  This presentation is information intensive and extremely broad in scope. Please come along to hear her speak if you prefer this form of information exchange (included in the ticket price; optional). There will be a separate breakout tea and coffee area for coffee and chatting during this hour.

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