Finding out more about how communities can invest in renewables

Recently Local Energy Scotland ( highlighted a range of examples communities getting involved in renewable energy projects at an event in Glasgow. In particular, it was a great opportunity to find out more about the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme known as CARES. CARES is administrated by Local Energy Scotland and provides seed funding to assess the feasibility of projects as well as support for taking projects forward. It was inspiring to hear about communities making money from renewables, to invest back in the community.

Also I was inspired by the return on investment to individuals who provide equity for renewable projects, so I have decided to invest a small sum in a windfarm in Lanarkshire by the end of the week. Minimum investment £250, so it is doable for me.

Local Energy Scotland is obviously the first port of call to find out how communities can get more involved in renewables. Unfortunately the opportunities for urban communities are limited.