Food Alliances: Early Lessons from Highland Good Food 7.30pm Tues 22 June

Transition Black Isle & Pebble Trust have initiated an innovative Food Conversation. Join in and see what could work elsewhere: all welcome

Martin Sherring, Transition Black Isle / the Pebble Trust shares experiences of the Highland Good Food Conference – run over 5 Mondays in January / February.

What works for new audiences exploring how community led local initiatives rekindle a sense of agency?

7.30pm – 9.00pm Tuesday 22 June – all welcome!

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Listen to the podcast HERE or see the initiatives:

  1. Develop a producer owned retail co-operative.
  2. Develop a Highland-wide online market / food hub.
  3. Work towards a world class restaurant sector.
  4. Develop a lobbying policy group so the Highland voice is heard.
  5. Work for every school growing, cooking & eating their own food.
  6. Develop a Highland wide community food growing network.
  7. Work to big up small farms in the Highlands.
  8. Develop a Highland Circular Food Economy / Zero Waste.
  9. Explore marketing and promoting local Highland Food as a brand.
  10. Creating a thriving ‘glasshouse’ sector in the Highlands.
  11. Seed sovereignty in the Highlands.

Draft timetable

  • 7.30pm Welcome
  • 7.40pm Martin Sherring on the Highland Good Food Conference
  • 7.55pm Q&A
  • 8.05pm Breakout to explore ideas for replication
  • 8.35pm Sharing the ideas emerging
  • 8.55pm Thanks and Close for 9.00pm

A Tuesdays for Future skill-sharing workshop

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Highland Good Food Partnership

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