Future Voices

SCCAN’s new podcast series: Stories from the frontline of community-led climate action.

We hold a vision of a zero-carbon future, reached through communities becoming empowered and resilient enough to grasp the opportunity to build a different, fairer society that regenerates our communities as well as our environment.

Many glimpses of such a future already exist across Scotland as, often against significant odds, many communities are implementing locally developed solutions to meeting local needs across food, energy, transport, waste, health, education and enterprise. Through a series of short podcasts, ‘Future Voices’ will be telling the stories of some of these initiatives.

In the first series, ‘Rethinking Waste‘, we will be visiting a range of projects that are not only changing waste into a resource but are helping to build more caring, sharing and stronger communities in the process.

For the first episode, we visit Dunbar and speak to Sue Guy and Simon Glover, directors of the social enterprise, Miixer, a legacy project from Sustaining Dunbar’s ‘Zero Waste Town’ project. Miixer have stores in Dunbar and Musselburgh employing over ten people and fifteen volunteers. Through capture sheds at Council recycling centres, textile banks and clearances, they diverted over 400tonnes from landfill for local reuse in their first year. More here: www.miixer.org

Is there is something happening in your community that you would like to share? We’d love to hear from you: get in touch.

Likewise, if you would be interested to learn skills in podcasting, we are developing a skillshare workshop to cascade skills through SCCAN. Please get in touch if you are interested to know more.