Have your say on new powers for Scottish Parliament

Lord Smith of Kelvin, who has been appointed to take forward the devolution commitments on further powers for the Scottish Parliament, has asked SCVO to gather initial third sector views and proposals.

To contribute your views to the Smith Commission, please email felix.spittal@scvo.org.uk by 24 October.

SCVO’s Chief Executive Martin Sime said, “SCVO has agreed to provide Lord Smith with initial views from across the third sector about the powers and purposes which, if devolved to the Scottish Parliament, could make a real difference to the lives of the people and communities we serve.

“The key is being clear about what we want to do and the powers we need to do it.

“It is very important that the experience of voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises can be brought to influence these developments and, although the timetable is very tight, I am sure that many organisations will want to have their say.

“SCVO has been working with the Scottish Trades Union Congress, the National Union of Students Scotland, faith communities and others on how civil society can build on the energy unleashed by the referendum and create a more bottom-up engagement in public life.

“Politicians, community leaders, all of us, need to spend more time listening to those who are too often excluded or marginalised from such processes

“A closed-door deal on what powers are to be devolved isn’t good enough – we need to renew our efforts to get people involved in our democracy.”