How could environmental rights help further Climate Justice? A SCCAN Tuesdays 4 Future

Re-watch the video on ‘How could environmental rights help further Climate Justice?’

This interactive event on 20th April 2021, welcomed Emilia Hanna and Shivali Fifield from the Environmental Rights Centre Scotland (ERCS), to share their experience and vision of how environmental rights could help further Environmental Justice and Climate Justice.

The Environmental Rights Centre Scotland (ERCS) was set up in January 2020 by Scottish Environment LINK, the 40 organisation-strong, citizen-led environmental forum with membership of 500,000+.

It was amazingly inspiring to learn how ERCS serves the communities and works to help us exercise our rights in environmental law AND improve the legal system.

In her presentation, Emilia – Advocacy Officer for ERCS – gave an update on plans for a new Scottish Human Rights Act which includes a human right to a healthy environment. 

See Video HERE | See Presentation Slides Here 

Together in three Breakout Rooms we identified our biggest environmental justice concerns in regard to our communities and brainstormed ideas to support the delivery of the human right to a healthy environment in Scotland. These thoughts and ideas were then shared with the whole group through a constructive discussion on how ERCS can help us forward these into their plan and mission. 

We want to deeply thank Emilia and Shivali for their work with ERCS and for taking their time to join us for the evening and to thank all the participants for your honest and valuable points.  Consider joining this new organisation:  


You can read the full report and break out room discussions here.