How to communicate about Climate Change

How to communicate about Climate Change

How to communicate Climate Change effectively to get different people interested and engaged in the subject is one of the major challenges we have as environmental organisations.

Here are some resources that we found useful in getting the message across. This guide by Futerra explains in a visual way “how to sell climate change.” In their own words: “At Futerra we like to sell the sizzle. We believe in a climate narrative that changes hearts, minds and even behaviours. ”

Check out the Futerra Sell the Sizzle guide here.

Watch this webinar by Ralph Underhill, PIRC Associate and Director of Framing Matters, on how to communicate on the environment and climate change

How to talk to children about Climate Change


Britain Talks Climate: a toolkit for engaging the British public on climate change

Climate Outreach has published ‘Britain Talks Climate toolkit for engaging the British public on climate change’.

Against a backdrop of growing concern about polarisation, Britain Talks Climate project will support the climate community by providing an evidence-based, shared and strategic understanding of the British public and how to engage across the whole of society.

Going beyond ‘left vs right’ or ‘leave vs remain’ to uncover seven nuanced segments of the British public, Britain Talks Climate captures our differences but also our commonalities.

Britain Talks Climate is a collaboration between Climate Outreach and the European Climate Foundation (ECF), based on an extensive research process led by More in Common, ECF and YouGov. Britain Talks Climate follows on from More in Common’s broader October 2020 report, Britain’s Choice.