How to communicate climate change?

How to Communicate climate change? Climate Outreach has just published their new ‘Britain Talks Climate toolkit for engaging the British public on climate change’.

Join the launch webinar on Wednesday 18 November for one of their biggest projects this year: Britain Talks Climate.

Against a backdrop of growing concern about polarisation, Britain Talks Climate project – released on 18 November – will support the climate community by providing an evidence-based, shared and strategic understanding of the British public and how to engage across the whole of society.

Going beyond ‘left vs right’ or ‘leave vs remain’ to uncover seven nuanced segments of the British public, Britain Talks Climate captures our differences but also our commonalities.

Register for the webinar on 18 November – Climate Outreach will share key findings and recommendations and walk through their interactive online toolkit and downloadable materials. These are designed to equip campaigners and communicators with the insights they need to shape conversations in a way that draws on shared values and avoids division.

Can’t join live? Register anyway and they’ll send you the recording.

Britain Talks Climate is a collaboration between Climate Outreach and the European Climate Foundation (ECF), based on an extensive research process led by More in Common, ECF and YouGov. Britain Talks Climate follows on from More in Common’s broader October 2020 report, Britain’s Choice.