How to set up a tool library: SCCAN Skillshare Workshop 10.30am Tues 17 Nov

How to set up a tool library – ONLINE Skillshare workshop with South Seeds, the Climate Action Community initiative in South Glasgow

About this Event

The Southside Tool Library set up by South Seeds has put together a guide showing how they set up a successful tool library using donated tools.

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We will take participants through the stages of setting up a tool library from asking for donations to setting up borrowing systems. Participants will find out how to manage the risk of lending out power tools and what you need to insurance for.

There are both financial and carbon savings from running a tool library and we are explain how we tracked these. We also have some interesting stories about what people did with the tools and how it changed their lives. So tune in to find out more about our case studies.

The delivery of the Southside Tool Library reflects area and there is a focus on the tools you need to do up a tenement flat and sort out a shared back court. A tool library in your area might be slightly different but you will probably need similar systems to stay safe and provide a good service.

If you can’t make the session, here is a link to the guide :

We hope you can join Jo and Lucy who made the tool library work and can answer all your questions.

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