How We Save The World – 27 March 2021

How We Save The World – 27 March 2021

A live, interactive story-game – join online to explore the past, and make choices that could change the future…

How We Save The World is a story game by Coney, created in collaboration with environmental scientists and the Natural Environment Research Council, first presented in 2018 at The Natural History Museum, London.

Now re-imagined as a live online performance for our new global context, Coney would like to invite SCCAN members to enjoy a playable experience where the audience takes control of the unfolding story. By looking at how we got to where we are today, together we’ll explore moments where small actions might create a ripple of change in the world – and learn how to take that forward in our own lives.

The tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite on a donate-if-you-can basis and all donations will go to the theatre. SCCAN members are welcome to email for a free ticket.

Tickets available here: