Just Transition Commission asking for help!

by David Somervell, Convener, Transition Edinburgh & SCCAN Board Member

The Just Transition Commission was established by Scottish Ministers in 2019 to advise on how just transition principles can be applied to climate change action in Scotland.  Their remit is to prepare practical recommendations and report to Ministers by January 2021 on what will help support action to:

  • maximise the economic and social opportunities that the move to a net-zero economy by 2045 offers
  • build on Scotland’s existing strengths and assets
  • understand and mitigate risks that could arise in relation to regional cohesion, equalities, poverty (including fuel poverty), and a sustainable and inclusive labour market.

Their Interim Report was published in January before the Coronavirus Pandemic kicked in.  They then issued an open invitation for feedback on their initial ideas.  I understand they are now minded to also take into consideration how they can contribute to a #JustRecovery as well as a #JustTransition. 

Please go to the Scottish Government Consultation Page and respond to the following six questions:

  1. What do you see as the main economic opportunities and challenges associated with meeting Scotland’s climate change targets?
  2. What do you think are the wider social (health, community, etc.) opportunities and challenges associated with meeting Scotland’s climate change targets?
  3. What would a successful transition to net-zero emissions look like for your sector / community?
  4. What actions do you think the Scottish Government should take to manage the opportunities and challenges referenced above?
  5. Are there specific groups or communities that may be, or feel that they may be, adversely affected by a transition to a net-zero carbon economy? What steps can be taken to address their concerns?
  6. Please provide here any other information, evidence, or research you consider relevant to the work of the Commission.

SCCAN will share a draft response but it is important that as many community-led groups also share their ideas about the importance of #SocialJustice being a component in the mix and the need to involve local people in decision-making. More background is at the Just Transition Partnership website. 

NB :  The Consultation closes on 30 June 2020.