#JustRecovery SCCAN Gathering Report from 21 May 2020

24 members from all over Scotland participated in SCCAN’s online Gathering on 21 May to explore a #JustRecovery and the role of Community-Led Initiatives.  We asked:

  1. What can we learn from how the state, public & private bodies and citizens have responded to the Coronavirus Pandemic?
  2. How can we incorporate lessons into #BuildBackBetter for a #JustTransition to the #NetZeroCarbon world we seek?

We drew on visions shared by Rob Hopkins, author of “From What is to What If: Unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want” 

We asked Backcasting Questions:  “Looking back from 2030, what is your memory of:

  1. How you and your community responded to the Covid-19 Crisis?
  2. How did you and your community use the time of Coronavirus as an opportunity to ‘reimagine’ and ‘build back better’?

We recognised seeds of hope / how great it is to connect with like minded people.  We enjoyed sharing concerns about these issues.  Solutions are simple if there’s the will to address the problems.  Especially valued the good start, great to hear different perspectives.  Like more time to share our visions.  

We engaged in discussion groups with people with the same ethos, and heard about the importance of community and the power it has for agency.  We recognised a tension: people want to do things as a community and how do we get the government to act?  Good to get broader perspective from other groups and to connect with people who appreciate how important the issue is.  Need more time to use imagination via more imagination exercises?  

We were clear Scottish Government needs to be more supportive of community groups.  Ideas included the need to set up Universal Basic Income.  We reflected on: how to empower communities into action? 
Full report is at www.bit.ly/sccan21may