Living at the Edge of Chaos – using Systems Games

We are living in interesting times. Our current fossil fuel driven ways of life and economic system are increasingly unfit for purpose. The world seems increasingly complex, uncertain and unpredictable. The threat of climate chaos looms.

How can an understanding of nature’s systems help us to work creatively amidst this uncertainty to shape the future we want for our communities?

We will be exploring this question during the morning session of our Spring Gathering in Stirling on 10th March with the help of Robin de Carteret.Robin is an educator, facilitator and consultant in participative education, complexity science and sustainability. He specialises in using experiential activities for learning and communication; acting to bring about change through a living systems view of the world.

For those wanting to explore this approach in more depth, a two-hour workshop during the afternoon will delve deeper into how we can create resilience by bringing out the informal intelligence that already exists in our organisations and communities.

Interactive activities will provide the opportunity to explore: feedback loops, improvisation and emergent collaborative creativity

Find out more about Robin’s approach at his website: