Low carbon Scotland – building the vision from the bottom up

The Scottish Communities CAN event ‘Low Carbon Scotland- building the vision from the bottom up’, was held on 24th February in the highly acclaimed Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. As well as being an AGM, there were participatory workshops to identify the main elements of a vision for a low carbon Scotland.

Lesley Riddoch opened the event which was attended by over 40 community led groups from across Scotland.

“The speakers of the day provided greater insight into the vision for a low carbon future and allowed me to put faces to names for the likes of Rob Hopkins, co founder of the transition network. For those like me who are a little fuzzy around the Transition concept, their main aim is ‘to inspire, encourage , connect, support and train communities as they adopt and adapt the transition model on their journey to urgently rebuild resilience and drastically reduce C02 emissions’. Rob’s theme of the morning was ‘the power of just doing stuff’. His message highlighted community empowerment with concepts such as the Bristol Pound and Transition Streets. Transition Streets is a form of behaviour change which engages local communities, whilst encouraging them to live more sustainably, thus saving money and carbon and creating new friendships. What’s to lose?” Fiona Wallace, Fife Diet.

Scottish Communities CAN will publish their low carbon vision built from the experience of all the participants, soon.