Many Voices One Song -Sociocracy Training

One way or another, finding better and more creative ways of working together can only help us in facing up to the transformational changes that are coming. Sociocracy offers one way of structuring organisations such that everyone can be empowered and engaged and offers processes for structuring and running meetings that can make them much more efficient and energising -leading to better decisions that fully use the collective intelligence of all involved.

We are delighted to have been able to arrange two training days in Edinburgh with Jerry Koch-Gonzalez from Sociocracy for All whilst he is visiting the UK:

  1. Saturday 23rd February -Introducing Sociocracy –for anyone seeking to improve the governance of voluntary and third sector organisations and groups: More information and book here.
  2. Sunday 24th February -Implementing Sociocracy –You’ve read up about Sociocracy (aka Dynamic Governance), attended an introductory session … and are keen to start implementing it… for better decisions and better organisations: More information and book here

Discounts if attending both days. Sliding Scale for Participation Fees. Publicity poster here: Sociocracy in Scotland Feb 2019.

Organised by Scottish Communities Climate Action Network in conjunction with Sandbox Enquiries and Sociocracy for All with support of Scottish Community Alliance, Development Trust Association Scotland and Transition Scotland and others.