‘Networking Edinburgh’s Community Buildings’ 08/03/21, 2-4pm

Join us and The Salisbury Centre for an Edinburgh Networking event centred around the theme of Community Buildings on 08 March from 2pm to 4pm.


This will be an opportunity to gather, brainstorm and skillshare with other community owned buildings and community-ran spaces for ways to collaborate, support each other, map resources and increase long term community resilience.

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As Covid is requiring community organizations to frequently adapt and respond to change both in terms of policies, logistics and resources, this gathering will aim to explore how to create ways for community ran/owned spaces to share ongoing learnings and create a responsive solidarity network toward a more adaptive and regenerative culture.

By applying eco-systemic thinking to the conversation, we will explore ways for already existing individual physical hubs in Edinburgh to be stronger together and nurture healthy and durable interconnectedness.

We believe that such spaces hold potential to offer vital fertile ground and stable foundations for local communities to build upon to reclaim their connection, sovereignty and empowerment.

We will explore some of these topics and questions:

-What are communty buildings/organizations shared needs?Sharing seeds of hope and sharing learningSharing successes and map opportunities

-Mapping our resources and sources of supportIntroduction to SCCAN & EVOC

-How do we still support our communities?What are the key threads of community?

-Increasing resilience through creating a network