New project: Coaches/mentors, and Evaluator sought for new capacity building project for 12 communities

For this new project, funded by Scottish Government, we are seeking

  • coaches and mentors to offer support to community projects (paid, 3 days per community project)

Invitation to tender – Coaches

  • an Evaluator to provide an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of the community engagement project (paid, approx. 6 days)

Invitation to tender – Evaluator

Community engagement and behaviour change – capacity building project for 12 communities

Our members have identified a number of barriers and challenges that need to be overcome to help their climate action projects realise their potential.

Two of these barriers are about community engagement:

  • How can community projects broaden their appeal to engage with a greater cross-section of their community (beyond the ‘usual suspects’)?
  • How can community projects deepen their engagement to ensure that interest in their activities leads to lasting behaviour change and commitment to a low-carbon future?

A framework of individuals and organisations with experience of effective community engagement techniques will act as ‘coaches’ to 12 ‘participant’ community groups who need additional support in this area.

The coaches can include grassroots community development workers as well as others with particular expertise in community engagement or behaviour change, such as academics or consultants. These coaches will be funded to give a mix of face-to-face, telephone and email support to projects that would like to develop their community engagement and behaviour change work.  For example, a group could be given 3 days of intense support to get a new project off to a strong start, or a coach could support their project intermittently over a 6 month period to build skills and confidence in the community group.

The community group participants will be chosen based on their potential to benefit from taking part; the selection will also aim to achieve a range of geographical locations and behaviour change aims (e.g. energy efficiency, waste reduction, food and growing). An application process to be a participant and receive support will be made available October/early November 2014.