Coastal Communities Network (Associate)

The Coastal Communities Network (CCN) is a collaboration of locally-focused community groups (communities-of-place), guided by the belief that coastal communities across Scotland are well placed to harness long-term solutions to ensure healthy, well-managed seas. Scotland’s dynamic and complex shoreline attests to richly biodiverse ecosystems below the waves. The species and habitats found in our inshore waters underpin the ecological integrity of marine habitats and the economic prosperity of nearby coastal communities. With the escalation of threats and impacts within our inshore waters, managing our seas for environmental and economic sustainability is no easy task, but one which we recognise should include all those who have a stake. Working together, the aim of the CCN is to better connect coastal communities across Scotland in order to share community knowledge and expertise. The Network provides the means to establish a strong communication and support platform, which can help to develop the community voice within marine management and build community action on marine conservation in Scotland.