Earth for Life

Earth for Life is a new, cutting-edge Community Interest Company. Our aim is reconnect people with woodlands and other wild places in order to improve their well-being, educational and employment prospects. Our qualified team specialises in high quality support for young people experiencing difficulties at school, adults with mental illness. We also cater for community groups and business organisations who experience barriers to accessing green space. Through practical outdoor learning, using our unique innovative 9-step eco-therapy programme and practical conservation skills training, Earth for Life’s vision is to result in:-People understanding, valuing and enjoying Scotland’s natural assets and reconnecting to their own heritage of ‘place’./-Land resources optimised to ensure their role in citizen mental health and physical well-being /-A skilled workforce leading to employment and innovation based on sustainable use of natural assets /-Resilient, supportive communities and social equality -Social justice through prosperity, participation and fairness /-Restoration & enhancement of our woodlands and greenspaces with a legacy of community stewardship.