Plenty of opportunities for inspiration and learning through the fully funded Community Learning Exchange

Bridgend Inspiring Growth on their Community Learning Exchange in July 2016.

Bridgend Inspiring Growth on their Community Learning Exchange in July 2016.

Scotland’s community sector is very well served by networks of all shapes, sizes and specialisms but sometimes the costs of networking and learning from others can be prohibitive. Scottish Government has recognised this and has agreed funding for our Community Learning Exchange. The exchange can take different forms:

Learning Visits – These are opportunities for members of one community project to visit one or several other community projects to get inspiration, know-how, access to first-hand experience, and make valuable contacts.

Learning Journeys – These give the opportunity to invite key decision makers and influencers (MSPs, civil servants, councillors, officers etc) to visit one or more examples of ‘best practice’ to give them an insight into a particular community issue or objective.

On-going support – In depth consultations between organisations. This might be the result of a learning visit when it is recognised that more specific and on-going help, support or advice is required. This can be through face-to-face meetings, Skype, email or phone calls.

The Community Learning Exchange will cover 100% of the costs of a visit up to a limit of £750. Costs may include travel, accommodation (where appropriate), subsistence and a host fee of £300 (up to £500 where the host has multiple visitors).

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