Rapid & Fair Response to Climate & Eco Emergency: Andrew Simms 6pm Tue 8 Dec

Andrew Simms will share his vision of a Rapid Transition to a Low Carbon Society also fairer for all citizens: a SCCAN Tuesdays for Future

About this Event

Join Andrew Simms – a prolific thinker and writer who has been at the centre of UK New Economics thinking for decades – in a SCCAN Tuesdays for Future event at 6pm Tuesday 8 December 2020.

Register here: https://rta8dec.eventbrite.co.uk

Author of over fifty publications while at New Economics Foundation, Andrew has been leading the Zero Carbon Britain courses with Paul Allen this year. He is clear that rapid transition can be achieved … but how to ensure it is a Just Transition at the same time?

What are your lessons from lockdown?

What can be learned from the coronavirus pandemic for the challenge of rapid transition in the face of the climate emergency and building fairer, more equal societies?

Andrew asked people to share their experiences of lockdown and see what lessons they have for bringing about a rapid transition, and living happier, more caring and less polluting lives.

He received an inspiring, hugely varied collection of personal stories, insights and reflections organised in three big themes:

  1. How we can look after each other better as societies,
  2. How more space for people and nature can be found, and
  3. How those who already have enough can thrive with less ‘stuff’.

Register here: https://rta8dec.eventbrite.co.uk