Report on Storytelling Workshop: Finding 1,000 Stories

How can stories help us build back better and create a green and #JustRecovery?

To tackle the climate crisis, we also need to tackle the crisis of imagination, to reframe and retell the stories we experience every day to show that positive change is possible.

As part of our #Tuesdays4Climate online series, on August 11th, we welcomed an enthusiastic group of 35 people hungry for stories who gathered not around a fire but around Zoom to listen to our fantastic Story Weaver Paul Bristow’s wise and inspiring words on stories. Finding 1000 Better Stories: Climate Storytelling skills began with a brilliant presentation by Paul on the art of storytelling, showing among other topics how the way we introduce, tell, and present our narratives shape our audience’s reactions.

Paul taught us that stories are about change which is precisely what we are looking forward to making within our communities when it comes to climate action. While taking us through the essential building blocks of a story such as hook, source, action, Paul emphasized the importance of simplicity within storytelling and how we must bring ourselves to it, to believe in it, so we can connect with our audience.

We need better stories about climate change and system change and it was extremely rewarding and fascinating to learn from Paul, to share our own stories and listen to other people’s stories through this workshop. This was not only a very helpful exercise to connect but also a way to solidify our perspectives and delivery.

At the end, we enjoyed Heid Jerstad’s exciting workshop on podcasting, where she let us know about the essential tips and tricks to create our own personal or community podcasts guiding us through her expertise and experience.

We thank Paul, Heid and every participant, facilitator and organizer who made this session a successful storytelling workshop and session. Thank you all!

Here is some feedback from the event.

Re-WATCH our first Storytelling Webinar – Finding One Thousand Better Stories HERE.