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From: Community Energy England and Local Energy Scotland

Shared Community Ownership

The Secretary of State Ed Davey has formally launched the report of the Shared Community Ownership Taskforce. Community Energy England’s response to the publication is here and to the DECC launch is here.

This is a very important step forward for the community sector. The developers of all new renewable energy projects worth £2.5m and over should offer a share of ownership to local community groups.

The Shared Community Ownership website is available at and is co-hosted by Local Energy Scotland and Community Energy England. It has an easy-to-follow version of the voluntary protocol and guidance notes for developers and communities.. This includes a straightforward 4-page version of the protocol, an even more concise process flow diagram, and guides for developers and communities.



Community Energy Policy Statement Draft: watch this space

This document provides a substantial overview of current and future policies to place community energy at the heart of local energy systems and ensure communities have the right to share in the benefits of realising the green energy resource around them. It includes examples from Scotland and elsewhere in Europe.

The government is due to announce shortly its response to the consultation on community feed-in tariffs. Community Energy England is hoping that they have taken note of the proposals in its response.