Report on ‘Climate Action Fife Showcase’

Climate Action Fife Showcase Teach-in on Tues 13 April 2021, a SCCAN Tuesdays for Future event with contributions from FifeCCAN: Suzy Goodsir, Greener Kirkaldy and Ali McLeod, Transition Uni St Andrews.

This masterclass brought 25 participants together to learn and discuss the inspiring story of FifeCCAN and the Climate Action Fife partnership.

Climate Action Fife is a partnership between Fife Communities Climate Action Network, Greener Kirkcaldy, Fife Council, and Fife College.

Building on five years’ patient collaboration through Fife Communities Climate Action Network (FifeCCAN), Climate Action Fife was launched in January 2021 and their £200k feasibility study project was the first Scottish initiative funded by the National Lottery Climate Action Fund.

The project is catalysing pilot community projects in Fife – leading the way in taking action on climate change. The strategies include:

  • Producing a Climate Change Engagement Toolkit & Events
  • Establishing a Fife Climate Literacy course
  • Working with local businesses to reduce waste & energy use
  • Running workshops on Climate-Friendly Holidays …

… and many more activities!

Alistair Macleod from Transition University of St. Andrews shared the FifeCCAN story with us and Suzy Goodsir from Greener Kirkcaldy outlined recent Climate Action Fife developments. The aim of this session was for organisations, community groups and individuals interested in starting community action to learn how the FifeCCAN collaboration has gathered pace – bringing many wider groups into partnership and how the group bid for funds and are building capacity for community led action.

In breakout groups, participants shared what they were up to, what their main questions about the next steps to achieve their goals were as well as new ideas.

We want to thank our brilliant speakers for their fantastic contribution and our participants for the engagement and feedback. SCCAN will continue to organise and promote community learning exchanges, both in the form of masterclasses and discussion-based sessions to bring value into the action of our members and community groups around Scotland.

You can read the full event report here.